About us
Avgvst is beauty and disorder. Questions we ask ourselves every day. What binds us together? Why do our hearts ache so much? What can we do about it? Where will our journey take us? Our jewelry, objects, and tattoos don’t have all the answers. But, like treasured amulets, they help to stay true to your heart’s calling, embodying things that are too important to be forgotten. Amulets were the origins of jewelry. We believe it still hasn’t lost its powers. All we need to do is to find them, release, and reveal.
The story of Avgvst

In 2013 Natasha Bryantseva, a creative director of an advertising agency, came to a jewelry workshop for the first time to try out a new hobby. Two years later, in 2015, she opened her first showroom. The “Natalia Bryantseva” jewelry brand was born. The showroom grew into a real store the following year, and the brand changed its name to Avgvst: what began as a one-woman-studio became a team in which every member matters.

And then, in several years, we skyrocketed:

  • started selling our jewellery in some major department stores;
  • opened 4 new boutiques, including two with tattoo and piercing studios, and one with a coffeeshop; their signature yellow has become an inherent part of our brand;
  • made an iOS & Android app called “Talking Our Way To August”: a card game that helps you strike important conversations and get to know your friends and family better;
  • launched a series of planners for those who love their work;
  • designed a series of covers for books we consider important and timely;
  • Launched “Avgustnik”, our yearly magazine featuring collaborations with our favourite artists, journalists, and authors.

2023 will be the year when we open our first brick-and-mortar store in Berlin. We'll probably have more answers for ourselves by then. But we want to believe that they will be followed by more questions, beckoning us to continue our journey.


Each Avgvst piece is made by hand in Italy, Thailand, and Germany. In fact, by 12 pairs of hands it passes during manufacturing. This process takes an average of 14 hours from 3D modelling to finishing.

Although automation allows for faster manufacturing and larger scale, we prefer to produce fewer pieces and invest more time into our work. Multi-stage hand finishing is our principle. That’s why not all pieces are always available.

AVGVST Sustainability

We don’t produce more pieces than we can sell. That’s why we don’t have to melt down unsold Jewelry.

We use recycled gold and silver.

Our diamonds are sourced and cut ethically.

We only use gemstones with clear provenance.

Our packaging is made of unlaminated recyclable paper. We don’t put our logo on bags and gift boxes to let you re-use them. For this type of packaging we collaborate with artists, renewing the design every year

How to contact
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