The story of Avgvst

AVGVST Berlin was founded in 2019 by Natalia Bryantseva.

A former creative director of an advertising agency, in 2013 she changed her desk for a jeweler’s bench, thus starting the jewelry brand that drew inspiration in museum archives. What began as a one-woman-studio grew into a team where every member matters.

In 2023, the brand opened a flagship store in the heart of Berlin designed in collaboration with Crosby Studios. The space features a jewelry store, tattoo studio and a secret garden.

In 2024 Avgvst Berlin jewelry and Harry Nuriev's Crosby Studios opened a temporary immersive pop-up jewelry store called “The Fountain” at The Palais-Royal in Paris.

The brand explores and reimagines timeless shapes spotted in museums, placing them into a modern context. The campaigns are shot on street cast models, and the silver and gold jewelry pieces are meant to be genderfluid. Just like in real life.

Avgvst describes itself as old and new, simple and complex, combining beauty and disorder in its designs.