Our jewelry is meticulously crafted in Germany and Thailand. We are incredibly proud to partner with a manufacturer who bears the RJC - Responsible Jewelry Council - certification, ensuring that every piece of Avgvst jewelry aligns with our commitment to responsible, ethical production.

Our gemstones, sourced from across the globe, are meticulously cut in Italy, Thailand, and China, reflecting the diverse craftsmanship that brings our pieces to life.

The diamonds we use are mined in Botswana (Botswana is the world leader in rough diamond mining), cut in India and have Kimberley Process Certificate. (The Kimberley Process (KP) unites administrations, civil societies, and industry in reducing the flow of conflict diamonds - ‘rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments’ - around the world).

Although automation allows for faster manufacturing and larger scale, we prefer to produce fewer pieces and invest more time into our work. Multi-stage hand finishing is our principle. That’s why not all pieces are always available.

Finally, every purchase you make is delivered in a beautiful box, crafted with care in Italy, adding an extra touch of elegance to the Avgvst experience.